Democracy is the Minimum Core for Ethiopians

Yoweri Museveni in his book “What is Africa’s problem?” observes that the longer presidents stay in power, the more difficult it gets to remove them democratically. There is no better example for the validity of his observation than himself. He has made it difficult to remove him democratically for more than three decades.

What makes the struggle for democracy difficult in Africa is mainly the absence of a genuine commitment for it from the political elite. Democracy has become a justification for incumbents to remain in office through their flawed elections and an organizing principle for state capture by their opponents. And the tendency and propensity toward corruption among those in government and their affiliates in business and the similar drive to exit among those marginal to these systems have weakened the legitimacy of many of the states and governments in Africa.[1]

Ethiopia is not an exception to this African story. Now, it is almost half a century since the entrance of the term democracy into the nomenclature of the Ethiopian state. Many would agree with me that the Ethiopian state is anything but democratic.

Full article here 

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